Lowryder auto-fem seeds

Lowryder auto-flowering feminized seeds

Lowryder autoflowering feminized seedsLowryder auto-flowering feminized seeds (which Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds call ‘Ganja Dwarf) are the perfect choice for the ‘guerilla grower’ because they stay small and discreet and easily blend in with the local flora.

This means that they are less likely to be spotted by thieves so you get to reap the harvests as planned ;).

Being feminized seeds, you can be assured that all Lowryder autoflowering feminized seeds sown will grow into sensimilia – potent female-only bud-bearing plants.

Despite its small stature, Lowryder is a tidy little producer averaging 150+ grams of mind-blowing bud per plant (after drying of course).

Not needing a lot of maintenance, a lot of growers simply get their little Lowryder plants started then leave them till harvest time.

lowryder auto-fem seeds

Others will visit from time to time to sample to constantly growing bud.

You can do this because Lowryder (also spelled Lowrider) is an auto-flowering marijuana strain – which means it starts to develop buds not long after first growth and keeps on delivering sweet bud till the final harvest.

With genetics coming from Indica and Ruderalis, Lowryder is an Indica-dominant hybrid, in other words it grows dense buds with that sweet hashish-like smell. When smoked, Lowryder gives a deeply relaxing body stone :D.

Lowryder autoflowering feminized seeds are easy to grow almost anywhere and fast, so are a top choice for beginners and the impatient, or anyone looking for a regular reliable crop of great Indica bud.

Genetics – Indica with Ruderalis
Climate – Indoor / Outdoor
Height indoor – Up to 50 cm / 19.7 inch
Height outdoor – Up to 60 cm / 23.6 inch
Flowering time – 6 To 7 weeks
Grow difficulty – Easy

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