How to Grow Weed

A Quick Guide on How to Grow Weed

how to grow weedHome-grown marijuana is not only great for the once-off closet grower, but also works as a rewarding career in the field of industrial cannabis farmers.

It is ideal for those looking to secure an income ranging from some extra pocket cash to a full-time business, and better still for those seeking to ditch dealers with outrageous top-shelf prices so they can produce their own super bud in the comfort and privacy of their homes.

Marijuana growers can cultivate their own unlimited supply of high-grade marijuana practically for nothing!

Whether grown indoors or outdoors, in hydroponics or soil, for marijuana to grow best it requires 6 essential basic elements:

  1. Light. (Must be the correct spectrum, intensity, and duration.)
  2. Water. (Must be enough but not too much.)
  3. Air. (Must be good temperature, flowing)
  4. Nutrients / good food. (Must include the right amounts, right times.)
  5. Growing medium /soil. (Needs the right texture and ingredients.)
  6. Top environmental conditions. (Temperature, Humidity, etc.)

Growing marijuana is expanding exponentially in popularity these days.

Many people are calling this sudden spike of interest in how to grow weed as a “green rush”.

So we’re on a growing wave of green that’s spanning the globe.

Now more than ever is an fantastic time to get right in and discover how to grow your own marijuana crops.

how to grow weed - white widow

White Widow Auto-Fem

A huge benefit of learning how to grow weed is that most of the weed out there that is grown for sale is grown for the buds’ overall look, and the quantity of the plant’s yield not the effects when smoked.

Often the quality of the effect when smoked is overlooked as it tends not to be a selling feature.

Some professional growers often do peculiar things to their buds to force large growth, at the cost of yield and strength.

Like many mass-produced commercial food products, it’s more about the appearance and weight of the herb, rather than the actual quality or healthiness.

Loads of toxic chemicals are then used in the production of marijuana buds to make them grow faster, and produce larger, unnatural buds that are deficient in resin.

how to grow weed - crystal rain

Crystal Rain

However, growing your own marijuana means you can be sure the plants are grown healthily to produce buds of high quality, and strong effect. The highs you can experience as you learn how to grow weed are awesome.

Many agree the best reason for growing your own super bud is the satisfaction you will get out of witnessing those marijuana seeds sprout and grow into some of the most awesome and lush plants – not to mention the incredible sticky buds that will give you a large supply of tasty greens to enjoy over and over again.

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