Happy Haze Feminized Seeds

Happy Haze feminized seeds

Happy Haze feminizedHappy Haze is, obviously, derived from Haze genetics, and is so called because of its highly euphoric effects.

Being a Haze, it’s Sativa-dominant, and is suitable for indoor or outdoor growing.

Happy Haze feminized seeds are not a quick grow however, with a flowering period of 12 – 14 weeks. Outdoors, this means you could be harvesting as late as November. (So if you’re growing somewhere with shorter summers you’ll need to grow indoors.)

It is worth the wait though for the size of the harvest you can get. Outdoors, you can expect an exceptionally hefty yield of well over a kilo per square metre of grow space.

Indoors, Happy Haze feminized seeds will still do fine though will obviously stay a bit smaller and yields up to 700 g per square metre – still not to be sniffed at!

With THC levels of up to 23% you can expect to get high on this Happy Haze. It gives you quite a clear head high though and doesn’t sap your energy.

Smoking Happy Haze in small doses will keep you productive, although smoking it more heavily will allow more of an Indica body stone to creep in.

Happy Haze feminized can be used medicinally, especially for anxiety, stress and depression. It’s even been used by some to help treat glaucoma.

THC level – Up to 23%
Indica – 25%
Sativa – 75%
Climate – Indoor / Outdoor
Yield indoor – Up to 700 grams / 24.7 ounces per sq meter
Yield outdoor – Up to 1200 grams / 42.3 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor – Up to 150 cm / 59.0 inch
Height outdoor – Up to 220 cm / 86.6 inch
Flowering time indoor – 12 – 14 weeks
Harvest month outdoor – October/November
Grow difficulty – Moderate

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