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How to Get Free Marijuana Seeds

It’s easy. Whenever you spend €100 or more – about £88 or $125 – on seeds at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds you’ll get 5 free marijuana seeds sent with your order.

free marijuana seeds with White Widow

White Widow feminized seeds
20 for €144

Which type of free marijuana seeds you get changes every few weeks – they’re usually 5 feminized seeds of the same strain – but what doesn’t change is that you will get 5 free marijuana seeds with any seed order at or over €100.

This can be an order of several packs of seeds, or it can be an order of just one pack, if it’s €100 or more. Most strains are now sold in packs of 5, 10 or 20.

Most packs of 10 cost less than €100 so there’s very few with which you’d get the free seeds if you just bought one pack of 10 seeds. However, many packs of 20 seeds would qualify you for the freebies.

If you’re investing in the higher priced strains then the free marijuana seeds will help offset the costs – and of course give you the chance to try growing something you might not otherwise have tried 😉

Either way, you can’t lose!


Free Seeds from Weed Seed Shop

UPDATE: Some of the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds strains are also available from Weed Seed Shop, quite often at cheaper prices.

At the time of writing, Weed Seed Shop give away 5 free seeds if you spend €50 (approx. £44 or $59) and 10 if you spend €75 (approx. £66 or $88). (Note that the seeds they give away may not be Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds strains.)

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free marijuana seeds from Weed Seed Shop