Difference between Sativa and Indica marijuana

Below are the essential differences between Sativa and Indica cannabis strains


Sativa is a tropical strain originating from warmer climes such as central America, the Caribbean and South America – see Bob Marley Sativa .

Indica originates from cooler climes and higher latitudes such as the mountainous Afghani and Pakistan areas – see Amsterdam Indica .


Growth Cycle and Size

Sativa has slower growth cycle growing to large sprawling sizes of 6 foot or more. Indica grows and flowers faster and remains a bushy stout plant of around 4 feet in height.


Leaf shape and colour

Sativa has longer thinner leaves which are lighter green. Indica has shorter wider leaves which are darker green.



Sativa buds are long and large but less dense than Indica buds which grow thicker and heavier.


Effects when smoked

Sativa is known for its soaring energetic highs while Indica is known for its relaxing body stone.


Difference between Sativa and Indica: how to get the best of both worlds

difference between indica and sativa - purple power

Purple Power

When musing on the difference between Sativa and Indica marijuana, you might be wondering if perhaps you don’t have to sacrifice one strain for the other.

What if you would like to grow a strain that has the fast growing, dense, sweet smelling buds of Indica but the energetic highs of Sativa?That’s where hybrid strains come in.

Hybrid strains are created from generations of selectively breeding Indica and Sativa strains together so you can grow marijuana with the qualities you are seeking. Some top hybrid strains include:

Big Bud



Purple Power

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