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CBDoc seeds

cbdoc seeds medical marijuanaCBDoc is one of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds‘ newer medical marijuana super-strains.

CBDoc was created from a cross of Super Silver Haze and an old school Super Skunk #1. And, as its name suggests, CBDoc is rich in CBD (cannabidiol). It’s also rich in THC and so combines the medical benefits of both.

You can read more about CBD and THC for medical use here: about medical marijuana.

Briefly, CBD has powerful sedative and pain-relieving properties and also counteracts the more psychoactive effects of THC, which is why CBD-rich strains are perfect for medical users who need to be able to get on with their daily lives without being too high.

When you smoke CBDoc, you will get very high for about twenty minutes, but this will wear off to give you a lingering and deeply relaxing stoned sensation. If you find yourself feeling too chilled out, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds recommend taking it with a cup of coffee or tea to balance this.

As well as being relaxing, and helpful for stress, pain and anxiety, CBDoc is a tasty and smooth smoke with spicy and earthy tones.

As for growing, CBDoc seeds can be grown indoors or out (though you will probably need to grow indoors in northern Europe and Canada), and produce fairly tall plants with fairly hefty harvests – up to 3/4 kilo per m² outdoors!

CBDoc seeds are a good choice for medical marijuana users or anyone seeking deep relaxation without being off their face.

THC level   –  Up to 21 %
Genetics –   Indica 35% | Sativa 65%
Climate   –  Indoor / Outdoor
Yield indoor   –  Up to 475 gram / 16.8 ounces per sq meter
Yield outdoor  –   Up to 750 gram / 26.5 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor  –   Up to 130 cm / 51.2 inch
Height outdoor  –   Up to 240 cm / 94.5 inch
Flowering time  –   9 To 10 weeks
Harvest month  –  October / November
Grow difficulty   –  Moderate

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marijuana seeds cannabis cultivation laws Legal Disclaimer: Buying CBDoc seeds from us is legal in most countries with few restrictions. Cannabis growing is tolerated in some countries provided it is solely for personal enjoyment.

Other jurisdictions support legislation prohibiting the growing of cannabis unless licences are obtained beforehand. Yet other states have restrictive laws that attempts to prevent any of its citizens from growing CBDoc marijuana seeds or any other kind of THC-bearing marijuana for any purpose.

We not pretend to be well-versed in marijuana laws universally. If you have doubts regarding legislation regarding marijuana cultivation where you live you might want to contact the appropriate authorities for clarification. We do not support the transgression of laws. We provide a legal service informing people regarding the qualities of various high-grade cannabis strains and provide purchase of CBdoc marijauana seeds and other marijuana seeds to anyone legally entitled to purchase marijuana seeds.

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