Caramelicious seeds

Caramelicious seeds

caramelicious amsterdam marijuana seedsThis hybrid marijuana strain is best known for its sweet smelling sticky buds that have a delightful caramel flavour.

Caramelicious seeds are the product of over fifteen years of highly selective breeding to perfect the taste and effect of Caramelicious as well as producing a stable and predictable strain with large harvests.

Caramelicious is best-known as an indoor strain but can do well outdoors too, giving yields of up to 450g per square metre. Either way it’s an easy grow so good for beginners or experienced growers.

A  cross of premium Sativa and Indica strains, Caramelicious delivers compact and heavy Indica-like buds but produces an energetic soaring Sativa-like high when smoked (THC content of up to 21%).

CBD (Cannabidiol) content is also high, making Caramelicious a great strain for medical use.

The buds develop a gorgeous sweet-smelling aroma with a copious crystalline structure coating the surface – which explains why Caramelicious seeds remain an all-time favourite among growers and smokers alike.

THC level  –   Up to 21 %
Genetics –   Indica 65% | Sativa 35%
Climate  –   Indoor
Yield indoor   –  Up to 450 gram / 15.9 ounces per sq meter
Yield outdoor   –  Up to 550 gram / 19.4 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor   –  Up to 70 cm / 27.6 inch
Height outdoor   –  Up to 230 cm / 90.6 inch
Flowering time  –   8 To 9 weeks
Harvest month   –  September
Grow difficulty   –  Easy

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