Candy Kush Seeds

Candy Kush marijuana seeds

candy kush seedsCandy Kush is a fairly new strain but is well on its way to becoming a classic.

A cross of the popular OG Kush and Medijuana, Candy Kush is a potent, tasty, Indica-dominant strain with powerful medicinal effects.

Candy Kush seeds can be grown indoors or out. The plants are fairly small but they’re strong and produce a crop of dense hard buds within just 8 weeks of flowering.

In a good harvest, you can expect your Candy Kush seeds to yield up to 500 grams per square metre of grow space indoors, and outdoors half as much again.

Candy Kush is not only high-yielding but also exceptionally potent. With THC content of up to 23%, it produces a powerful euphoric high which comes on quickly and can last a few hours. Despite being mostly Indica, its effects are more cerebral than physical, though the happy high does go with a deep relaxation which can become a deep laziness – so go easy on it if you have things to do that involve getting up from your sofa…

Because of its potency, Candy Kush is quickly becoming popular amongst medical users – not surprising, since its parent strains – OG Kush and Medijuana – are both well established medical strains. The happy high associated with it means it can be used to ease depression, and stress, anger and anxiety.

It also has a profound relaxing, even numbing, effect on the body which can help with pain relief, and is also said to be potentially useful for alleviating migraines and chronic headaches.

Even if you don’t need the medical benefits, Candy Kush seeds are worth trying if only because you’ll get such a lovely smoke – a lemony scent with a sweet, fruity taste (notes of cotton candy/candy floss). Sweet.

THC level  –   Up to 23 %
Genetics –  Indica 85% | Sativa 15%
Climate  –   Indoor / Outdoor
Yield indoor   –  Up to 500 gram / 17.6 ounces per sq meter
Yield outdoor  –   Up to 750 gram / 26.5 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor   –  Up to 90 cm / 35.4 inch
Height outdoor   –  Up to 130 cm / 51.2 inch
Flowering time  –   7 To 8 weeks
Harvest month  –   September / October
Grow difficulty   –  Moderate

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