Big Bud auto-fem seeds

Big Bud autoflowering feminized seeds

big bud auto-fem seedsBig Bud autofem seeds are the newest Big Bud offering from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.

A cross of Afghan and Skunk, Big Bud autoflowering seeds are easy to grow. As the name suggests, they deliver hefty harvests of large heavy buds.

As such, Big Bud seeds have always been popular with commercial growers, and Big Bud automatic seeds now make it easier to grow a beautiful crop at home.

Big Bud is a smooth smoke, fruity and spicy in flavour with a musky aftertaste.

As an Indica-dominant hybrid, Big Bud will give you a big body high that’s long-lasting – another reason for its enduring popularity.



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10 Big Bud auto-fem seeds $90 (approx. €67 or £55)

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20 Big Bud auto-fem seeds $160 (approx. €113 or £90)

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