Bianca feminized seeds

Bianca feminized seeds

bianca feminized seedsBianca is an award winning Indica-dominant hybrid that boasts genetics from three high grade strains – White Widow, Afghan and White Queen.

In essence, Bianca feminized seeds produce a hardy strain that can been grown either indoors or outdoors and delivers a generous yield of tight, hard buds that glisten with THC crystals throughout its flowering stage.

Winner if numerous Cannabis Cup awards, Bianca feminized is not just an extremely robust strain that can be successfully grown almost anywhere, but also enjoys a fast flowering cycle meaning you can get your harvest in before the weather becomes too damp and miserable.

Bianca feminized seeds grow into a short but dense bush covered in sticky buds. The finished plant is small but powerful.

The taste of Bianca feminized is a combination of floral with a deep hashish flavour thanks to its Afghani genes.

The effect of Bianca feminized is strong but uplifting.

THC level – 25 %
Genetics – Indica 85%, Sativa 15%
Climate – Indoor or Outdoor
Yield Indoor – 525 gram per M³
Yield Outdoor – 550 gram per M³
Height Indoor – 90 cm
Height outdoor – 220 cm
Flowering time – 6 To 8 weeks
Harvest month – September / October
Grow difficulty – Easy

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