Best cannabis strains

Best Cannabis Strains

Getting good cannabis seeds from the best cannabis strains will allow you to grow spectacular marijuana plants. But which are the best cannabis strains? Well, it depends what you’re looking for. Think about what marijuana you like to smoke and go for those strains.  In other words, if you like the marijuana you have, you’ll like the marijuana you cultivate.

Keep in mind that the name given to a particular marijuana strain is irrelevant to effectiveness. Choose seeds from marijuana strains with the qualities you desire.

best cannabis strains white widow

White Widow

For example, if you want a real heady mind-blowing buzz, you can’t go much wrong with super strains such as White Widow or Light of Jah.

You also need to think about where you’re growing it. If you’re growing outdoors then you’ll need to do some research to find out which are the best cannabis strains for growing in your climate and latitude.

Many of the potent marijuana varieties are used to growing in the areas nearer to the equator, such as Sativa cannabis.

However, this is so popular that high quality varieties have now been bred to grow in many locations so, even in northern Europe, you’ll be able to find strains with sativa genetics which can be grown outside, such as Purple Power.


Best cannabis strains: colour

Marijuana plants are just about always greenish – the upper surface of the leaves a dark green and the underside a lighter, paler green, although Indica marijuana tends to be darker than Sativa

Some strains evolve reds and purples along stalks and leaf petioles. Occasionally, even the leaves turn red/purple during the end stages of growth – the most famous of these ‘purple strains’ is Purple Power, which grows well outdoors even in cool northern climates.

Plants called ‘red’ usually get their appearance from the stigmas of the feminine buds, which can transform from white to a rust or red colouration, giving the marijuana buds a distinguishable reddish tint – such as the ever popular Skunk Red Hair.

best cannabis strains dutch dope

Dutch Dope

Some commercial cannabis seeds are ‘gold’ by the time it’s harvested. One such cash-cropping ‘gold marijuana’ would be Dutch Dope marijuana

Colouring also is due to beginning. When deciding on marijuana seeds,  remember that types acclimatised to hot or high-altitude regions have less chlorophyll (green) and more accessory pigments, giving the marijuana plant their fall colours (accessory pigments shield the plant from excessive sunlight).

Marijuana plants adjusted to northerly areas, where light is less extreme, have higher chlorophyll and less accessory pigments. The dying leaves frequently turn pale yellow, grayish, or rust.

Variations in hue concentrations are also influenced by localized lighting and especially the soil conditions under which the best cannabis strains are fully grown.


Best cannabis strains: aroma

The sensation of the marijuana – its ambiance, odour, and roughness – will depend additionally on when the marijuana was harvested and how it was handled after it was grown, more than on the category or biology surroundings.

When you get quality seeds from a reputable seedbank like Amsterdam marijuana seeds, you’ll be able to discover faint differences in the general aroma between different cannabis strains when they’re freshly grown.

The surroundings probably influence scent as well, but with most moneymaking marijuana seeds the gathering/storing procedures far outweigh these other, more subtle factors. For example, a stinky, coarse-smoking Colombian marijuana sometimes gives the least strong, sweetest, native smoke when properly prepared.


Which are the best cannabis strains for you?

Having said all that, don’t be too influenced by the marijuana’ superficial characteristics. Again, think carefully about what kind of cannabis you really want to smoke and look for a similar strain which will be able to grow well in whatever your grow conditions are going to be.

best cannabis strains new york diesel

New York Diesel

If you know you prefer a certain kind of ‘high’ or ‘stone’ then be discerning about the genetics of the plant – sativa-dominant cannabis gives more lifting cerebral highs while smoking indica-dominant cannabis results in a deeper body-centred buzz.

To start with, you might enjoy going for marijuana seeds from the most potent cannabis strains, such as New York Diesel.

You might not be looking to get high at all of course. If you’re looking for the best cannabis strains for medical purposes, then make sure you’re getting strains with known medical properties. The best cannabis strains for medical use are generally those with high CBD content as this has therapeutic effects while not giving a strong ‘high’.

All in all, there are so many excellent easy-growing high-yielding cannabis strains out there that, with a little thought, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the best cannabis strains for you. And of course, a bit of trial and error will always help you figure it out!

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