Best Cannabis Seeds for UK Outdoors

Best Cannabis Seeds for UK Outdoors

When it comes to growing cannabis outdoors in northern climates where the summer is shorter you have to select the seeds carefully to get the best cannabis seeds for UK outdoors.

Most cannabis strains simply will not do well in short and often damp summers up where in north-western Europe. For best results you need a strain that will grow to maturity within 3 to 4 months and then a 7 to 8 week flowering cycle before harvest. The strain should be moderately mould-resistant and suited to these conditions through selective breeding.

So taking into the above considerations here are some of the best cannabis seeds for UK outdoors:

dutch dope cannabis seeds

Dutch Dope

Dutch Dope is a well-balanced hybrid, combining California Sativa and Super Skunk.

It has been selectively bred for northern climates.

It is mould-resistant and a fast sturdy grower with an 8 week flowering cycle meaning it can harvested in mid to late September.

Over 400 grams of smooth smoking bud of around 15% THC per plant is possible in a good season.


purple power

Purple Power

Purple Power is often considered to be THE best cannabis seeds for UK outdoors growing and in Ireland.

A cross-breed of Dutch Dope and Super Skunk, Purple Power is easy to grow, takes only 8 weeks to flower and can yield about 1 lb (450g) of bud per plant.

Sativa-dominant and up to 20% THC, Purple Power gives you a great happy high.


Skunk Red Hair sativa marijuana seeds

Skunk Red Hair

Skunk Red Hair is another sturdy marijuana strain suited to northern climates.

This hybrid is resistant to mould and its 8 to 9 week flowering cycle means it can be harvested in mid-September, if it is started early enough in the season (May).

Strong bud (10 to 15% THC) with great highs make Skunk Red Hair a popular choice for growing indoors or outdoors.


big bud indica marijuana seeds

Big Bud

Big Bud has been grown successfully outdoors in the UK despite its slightly longer flowering cycle of 9 weeks, which gives an early to mid-October harvest.

Despite only growing to around 50 to 60 cm, Big Bud can delivers around 600 grams of great smoking bud per sq M,

A stable hybrid, Big Bud contains up to 15% THC content and provides a strong but balanced stone when smoked.


Lowryder feminized marijuana seeds


Lowryder remains a long time favourite with ‘guerilla growers’ in the UK, growers who plant in discreet locations and only return occasionally.

Lowryder is a auto-flowering strain which means it starts to flower and produce buds early in its life cycle and continues to bud until harvest time.

A small and discreet plant, only growing from 30 to 50 cm on average, Lowryder still delivers a decent 150 grams per plant of well-balanced and potent weed.


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