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ganja dwarf autoflowering seeds

Ganja Dwarf – Fastest Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are your best bet if you’re after a fast harvest. You can plant almost anywhere and harvest between 55 and 75 days after germinating the seed.

Auto-flowering strains will start producing buds within a few weeks of germination and continue budding regardless of how much light they’re getting, unlike other marijuana strains which need a daily cycle 12 hours light/12 hours dark to bud.

Autoflowering seeds are thus ideal for several situations:

  • if you’re growing indoors but can’t keep your grow-room totally dark for 12 hours a day, autoflowering seeds will work
  • you can grow multiple crops a year indoors
  • if you’re growing outdoors in a warm sunny climate, by planting autoflowering seeds you can get several crops in one summer.
  • you’re growing outdoors in a climate with short cool summers, auto-flower seeds will still give you a harvest before the autumn

Harvests won’t be as large with automatic feminized seeds as with normal feminized seeds but since you can get more harvests in a season or a year this makes up for it.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have an excellent range of high-quality autoflowering seeds. Some of their autofem strains are from their XTRM (extreme) range and are particularly potent.

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NOTE: Prices shown are for 10 seeds though for most you can buy seeds in packs of 5 or 20 as well.


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