White Widow seeds

White Widow seeds – most popular marijuana strain in the world

white widow seedsWhite Widow seeds were first developed in Amsterdam in 1993 becoming the most popular strain in Amsterdam coffee-shops.

It then went on to be the Number 1 strain around the world.

White Widow is a potent hybrid combining Sativa strains from Brazil and India.

White Widow seeds grow into a high grade hybrid bred from Brazilian Sativa and Indian Indica giving it a 75% Sativia to 25% Indica ratio.

White Widow is named after the fact that it glistens in white crystals soaked with THC as its buds develop.

Best grown indoors, White Widow seeds have a flowering cycle of around 8 weeks producing up to 450 grams potent pot per plant.

A stable strain, White Widow seeds are the top choice for growers who want a predictable crop of great weed.

It’s best known for its great effects – an energetic happy high counter-balanced by a relaxing body stone.

white widow marijuana seedsWhite Widow seeds delivers:

  • 20% – 25% THC content (makes it suitable for medical applications)
  • A stable and predictable growth pattern ensuring regular growth and flowering
  • Yield up to 450 grams per plant of top smoking dried buds
  • 10 regular White Widow seeds yields around 3,000 grams of potent dried bud

See also White Widow feminized seeds


white widow cannabis seedsWe use Stealth Shipping by Priority Mail = NO track & trace, to any destination in the world for €16 (£13).

Seeds sent in stealth packaging (random picked items) for complete security.

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amsterdam marijuana white widow seedsLegal disclaimer: Possessing White Widow seeds is legal in most states without restrictions. The growing of marijuana is tolerated in some states provided it is for personal use. Some states have laws prohibiting the growing of cannabis unless permits are obtained beforehand. Other countries have very restrictive legislation that attempts to prevent any of its citizens from cultivating marijuana for any purpose whatsoever. We are not experts in marijuana legislation. If you are concerned about laws on marijuana growing where you live we suggest you should contact those in the know for interpretation clarity. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds do not encourage in any way whatsoever the breaking of laws. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds provide a law-abiding service educating people about the characteristics and qualities of top marijuana geno-types and give access to White Widow seeds to people 18 years old and above

P.S. If your interested in White Widow marijuana you might also want to check out some of these White Widow hybrids:

White Widow feminized seeds where each seed will grow into a female marijuana plant so no loss to weeding out males or worry about pollination weakening the THC content.

White Widow auto-fem seeds a cross between White Widow and automatic Ruderalis which makes this hybrid start budding and keep flowering throughout its growth cycle meaning you can harvest between 70 to 90 days after germinating.

White Widow XTRM seeds is an optimized White Widow strain that sacrifices stability for larger harvests of more potent bud

White Widow XTRM auto-fem seeds is the best of both worlds if you like to the convenience of feminised seeds, along with the convenience of auto-flowering capacity, coupled with genes that makes this version a practical White Widow on steroids.

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