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Super Skunk Amsterdam Marijuana SeedsThis top level Skunk is a potent hybrid developed from successive breeding of Skunk #1 with killer Afghani strains.
It retains the familiar aroma and taste of Skunk with larger yields of some great tasting high THC buds.

The effect when smoked is a well balanced high avoiding the heaviness associated with Afghani strains. Super Skunk continually wins prestigious cannabis awards for both its taste and effect.

The THC content is consistantly in the 15%+ range so you don’t have to smoke much to be flying high.

Bred to deliver large harvests when grown indoor, expect 500 grams or more per plant. Only growing to a height of 50 to 80 cm, this is a bushy plant that grows large thick buds sticky with resin and that great skunky smell :D.

Super Skunk is a premium Sativa/Indica hybrid and very popular among Skunk fans and general cannabis cultivators.

Enjoying a short flowering cycle of only 8 to 9 weeks, Super Skunk also makes a great choice in marijuana seeds for the impatient (like me ;)).

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