Light of Jah

Light of Jah marijuana seeds

light of jah marijuana seedsLight of Jah is one of the most popular marijuana strains ever to be made available in seed form.

Winner of many prestigious awards, Light of Jah was named in honour of the famous marijuana advocate, Jack Herer.

A refined hybrid of the well-known Sativa Haze, Light of Jah delivers enormous harvests of great smoking weed that can have you soaring in happy energetic highs.

Light of Jah is known for its large yield of dense sticky buds that offers a peppery taste with a touch of fruity skunk taste.

Grown indoors or outdoors, Light of Jah deliver up to 750 grams of potent smoking bud per plant. The THC content is a staggering 19 to 22%.

Being a Haze hybrid, Light of Jah takes a little longer to produce these huge amounts of killer weed (10 to 13 weeks flowering cycle) but is generally regarded as well worth the extra week or two’ wait.

Best grown indoor in northern climates (UK, northern Europe, Canada), Light of Jah responds well to indoor grow rooms and artificial lighting.

Given the enormous yield of potent tasty pot, its clear to see why the Light of Jah remains a popular strain among professional growers.

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marijuana seeds cannabis cultivation lawsLegal disclaimer: Dealing in Light of Jah weed seeds is not illegal in most states without restrictions. The cultivation of marijuana is allowed in some states as along as it is for personal use. Some states have legislation aiming to discourage the cultivation of weed unless permits are obtained beforehand. Other countries have very restrictive legislation that attempts to prevent any of its citizens from growing marijuana for any purpose whatsoever. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds do not claim to be experts in marijuana legislation. If you are concerned about legislation on marijuana cultivation where you live we suggest you should contact those in the know for interpretation clarity. We do not encourage in any way whatsoever the breaking of legislation. We offer a legal service informing folks about the characteristics and qualities of various marijuana strains and give access to Light of Jah marijuana seeds to folks over the age of 18.

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