Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

amsterdam marijuana seedsAMS is the source of premium cannabis strains from Amsterdam

We are the main breeders of modern marijuana super strains supplying other seed banks and middlemen world over. When you buy from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds you are buying from the source.

Fresh healthy seeds

We supply the world with fresh and healthy cannabis seeds cultivated from the most sought-after and potent marijuana strains on the planet.

Worldwide fast secure super discreet delivery

Don’t get stuck waiting and stressed out. Our friendly and responsive customer service is second to none with fast discrete and secure delivery.  We ship the same day we receive your order (provided order is validated prior to 2 pm local time).

Keeping prices down

The prices cover our costs and ensure that you’re getting top quality seeds in a safe and timely manner. (Beware of ‘cheap’ seed banks – you could end up with bird seed or even worse – nothing.) We pride ourselves on high quality products and service while keeping our prices affordable.

Free seeds with every order

free marijuana seeds secure shipping

With every order we include 20 free high grade cannabis seeds which include a healthy mix of Sativa, Indica and hybrid strains.

This is our way of saying thank you and spread the delight of growing a range of potent and exotic strains. If you don’t have got the time or space to grow them – pass them on to someone who does!

We ship anywhere in the world and accept all major currencies by credit card, bank order, or cash.

Our high quality cannabis seeds from the most famous super strains (as well as a handful of lesser-known exotic strains) along with our dedicated and responsive customer service makes us

- the number one choice for professional and amateur growers.


Most Popular Cannabis Seed Strains

Click on the pictures for more information and ordering.


Feminized seeds (packets of 10)

(to see the full range of feminised cannabis seeds click here)

cheese feminized marijuana seeds

Cheese €90

Light of Jah feminized marijuana seeds

Light of Jah €110

white widow feminized marijuana seeds

White Widow €90

Lowryder feminized marijuana seeds

Lowryder €90


Indoor seeds (packets of 10)

(to see the full range of indoor cannabis seeds  click here)

caramelicious indoor marijuana seeds

Caramelicious €50

New York Diesel indoor marijuana seeds

New York Diesel €50

northern lights marijuana seeds

Northern Lights €45

super skunk marijuana seeds

Super Skunk €25


Outdoor seeds (packets of 10)

(to see the full range of outdoor cannabis seeds  click here)

durban poison marijuana seeds

Durban Poison €35

early misty marijuana seeds

Early Misty €35

First Girl outdoor marijuana seeds

First Girl €35

silver haze marijuana seeds

Silver Haze €45


Indoor/Outdoor seeds (packets of 10)

(to see the full range of indoor/outdoor cannabis seeds click here)

afghan marijuana seeds

Afghan €25

big bud marijuana seeds

Big Bud €35

dutch dope cannabis seeds

Dutch Dope €25

purple power marijuana seeds

Purple Power €35


Sativa seeds (packets of 10)

(to see full the range of Sativa cannabis seeds click here)

bob marley sativa marijuana weed seeds

Bob Marley Sativa €35

Light of Jah feminized marijuana seeds

Light of Jah €70

lemon ice marijuana seeds

Lemon Ice €25

Skunk Red Hair sativa marijuana seeds

Skunk Red Hair €25


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amsterdam marijuana seedsLegal disclaimer: Buying and selling cannabis seeds is legal in most countries without restrictions. The growing of marijuana is allowed in some countries provided it is for medical use. Some countries have legislation prohibiting the growing of pot unless permits are obtained beforehand. Other countries have very restrictive legislation that attempts to prevent any of its citizens from cultivating marijuana for any purpose whatsoever. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds do not claim to be experts in marijuana legislation. If you have any doubts about legislation on marijuana growing where you live we suggest you should contact authorities for interpretation and clarity. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds do not encourage in any way whatsoever the breaking of legislation. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offer a law-abiding service educating folks about the characteristics and qualities of high-grade marijuana strains and give access to marijuana seeds to anyone over the age of 18.